May 31, 2019 

Born on Nov. 17, 2001

June 2 2004 Meeting.  ``Prof"   Struth

June Meeting--Bob "Prof" Struth  
* Is a US Navy -F 14 Pilot
-TOPGUN & Test Pilot School Graduate
* Has over 11,000 hrs.
* Flies a Christen Eagle Aerobatic Biplane
* Was directly involved in the making of the TOPGUN movie

One exciting meeting:  Video was shown on the making of TopGun and Struth's direct part in it.  Many interesting facts abut the F-14 and how it flies, maneuvers, Lands, Night landings.  Interesting facts about about different flying techniques and patterns.  Tons of slides and photos.  This meeting was the attention getter, all Eyes were wide awake.

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Again, Many thanks to the Garvers for their Gracious use of the House and hosting the meeting.  Happy 49th.   BOB!    29 has been used to much!

Bob Garvers B-day Cake